October 26-27, 2018
Aquarium Conference Center
Chattanooga, TN

From José Valim

A word from Elixir's Creator

“Gig City Elixir’s speaker line-up is strong. They’re bringing in the programmers that shaped Elixir before Elixir was even born as well as the developers that are evolving the language and community every day.”

About Us

A message from conference organizer Bruce Tate.

Gig City Elixir is a different kind of programming conference in beautiful Chattanooga, Tennessee. We will focus on sessions that are different from what you're used to seeing, with a variety of talk lengths and formats that will open more learning channels than ever before.

One of the best speaker lineups at any 2018 programming conference will teach you the foundational techniques you'll need to succeed in today's programming industry. You'll learn to use functional programming concepts that will make you a better programmer, regardless of the languages and tools you use at work today.

Our Speakers

More to be announced.
picture of dave thomas

Dave Thomas

picture of johns hughes

John Hughes

picture of Miki Rezentes

Miki Rezentes

picture of Hannah Howard

Hannah Howard

picture of chris mccord

Chris McCord

picture of Stuart Halloway

Stuart Halloway

picture of bruce tate

Bruce Tate

picture of Anna

Anna Neyzberg

picture of Chris Keathley

Chris Keathley

picture of Jeff McGhee

Jeff McGhee

picture of james edward gray ii with brow furrowed

James Edward Gray II

Ben Marx

Our Sponsors

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Carbon Five is a strategic digital product development firm. We partner with clients to create exceptional products and grow effective teams.

Our developers, designers, and product managers have worked with clients at every stage of their journey: from early stage startups to growth and enterprise companies such as Echosign, Square, Thumbtack, StitchFix, Altschool, Google, Hulu, Gap, and many others.

Learn more about the innovative projects we helped make a reality: https://www.carbonfive.com/



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Still a few slots available at this level.

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Because we're stronger together.

We are making Gig City Elixir a diverse experience. We are doing this by making scholarships available to those under-represented in our programming community including women and minorities. Part of this includes mentoring folks leading up to the conference to make sure our scholarship recepients can take full advantage. If you or someone you know might benefit and can't afford their own ticket, let us know.


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