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We've made the hard decision to fully cancel Gig City Elixir 2020. Running small conferences is a challenge already and trying to run one in a pandemic and during a time of economic uncertainty where it's hard to plan any commitments one week out let alone 4-6 months, is even more so!

When we reflect on what makes GCE special, we know it's the community connections we make and strengthen while we are together. Virtual is a good stand in for educational content, it's just not the same for community connection. "Zoomzaustion" is a real thing and we really miss having folks near, in real life.

We hope to see you back in person in Chattanooga in 2021!

Be safe, stay healthy and continue to learn! Check out the following Elixir conferences being held online in 2020

- Bruce and Maggie Tate, Gig City Elixir Organizers